We are Evangel.

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Founded in 1980 by Pastors Rodney and Frances Duron, Evangel Christian Academy has grown from a small K-8th grade school to one of the most established and highly-honored K-12th grade schools in the area. Under the leadership of their chancellor, Pastor Denny Duron, Evangel is now teaching over 650 current students to be champions and world-changers.



Our Founders

Pastor Rodney & Frances Duron


Chancellors and Director of Development

Pastors Denny & DeAnza Duron


Ms/Hs Principal

Mrs. Stacie Rathbun


Elementary Principal

Mrs. April Schnebelen

Spiritual Life at Evangel


Small Groups

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Bible Classes

Our Values



We want our graduates to be employable, capable of success, and productive citizens who understand and use that knowledge to protect our Christian heritage. They should be able to display the attributes of honor and righteousness. It is our desire that the entire Evangel community accept and live our lives according to the following guidelines:

Pursue Christ

Accept Jesus Christ as the only way of salvation

 Develop a personal relationship with Him through daily prayer and Bible study

 Get involved with a Bible-believing church and connect with a spiritual mentor

 Discover God’s plan for you and live it out wholeheartedly

Honor others

 Respect all authority whether you agree or disagree

 Value each person as God’s unique design

 Prefer other’s interests above your own by supporting them and celebrating their success

 Listen when others speak

 Speak well of others

 Use good manners

Lead Effectively

 Observe the style of other effective leaders

 Participate in leadership positions at Evangel and other places in your life

 Be willing to accept constructive criticism from others

 Develop the potential and gifts in others

 Set a good example

Serve the community

 See a need around you and help meet that need

 Serve the Evangel family and your own family

 Volunteer to help in student service projects

 Discover your passion in ministry and support it

Live with excellence

 Represent Christ well

 Be the kind of friend that you want to have

 Value and invest in relationships

 Master the basics of education–reading, math, and written and oral communication

 Perform diligently in the classroom, extracurricular activities, and assigned tasks

 Maintain excellent health: exercise, eat right, get enough sleep, and live with balance

Take responsibility

 Be responsible for your strengths and weaknesses without excuses

 Be punctual and on time

 Pay attention to detail

 Deal professionally and honestly in all of your endeavors

 Work hard without complaint in both good and difficult times

 Finish well

Embody integrity

 Keep your word and commitments

 Always tell the truth

 Deal fairly with others

 Complete all tasks on your own or with the help of others without stealing their ideas or property

 Do the right thing even when no one is watching

All students benefit from attending a school with high standards. It is our hope that Evangel students will embrace this system and its standards, and they will help others live by them.