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Give Online Here

Giving online is fast and safe!

Evangel Christian Academy provides many opportunities to give back, whether you are an alumnus, current or past parent, faculty member, grandparent, or business leader. Our giving opportunities exemplify the various ways you can choose to support our school. We pledge to be good stewards of all gifts made to Evangel Christian Academy. Annual gifts strengthen academic programs, enhance library and technology services, attract distinguished faculty, maintain a quality-learning environment, fund student organizations, and provide financial aid to students. In short, the Annual Fund increases the quality and reputation of Evangel Christian Academy —therefore, all students, past and present, have benefited from the Annual Fund.

One of the reasons that your participation is so important is that when foundations and corporations are deciding whether to award Evangel grants, they look at the number of alumni and family members who contribute to the Annual Fund as a factor to help them make their decisions. So a modest gift from you would actually translate into helping Evangel receive more dollars!

Also, many students, alumni, and friends do not realize that full tuition pays only two-thirds of the cost of their Evangel education. The other one-third is paid for with the help of the Annual Fund.

Annual Fund

The Annual Fund is made up of unrestricted annual gifts to Evangel from individuals, foundations, and corporations.  Our annual fund sustains our academic and educator training programs; therefore, we are always seeking donations at all levels:

~$6,000 Academy full-tuition student scholarship for one year (Includes Tuition and All Fees)

If you are donating through a corporate giving program, please inquire about your organization’s matching gift program.

We accept payments online or by mail. To make a donation online, please visit our donations page. Donations by mail should be sent to:

Making a gift of cash, check, or charge is the most common way a person can support Evangel Christian Academy.

Mail a Check
Mail your check or money order to:

Evangel Christian Academy
Office of Advancement 
7425 Broadacres Rd.
Shreveport, LA 71129

Company Matching Gifts

Many companies match their employees gifts to educational institutions annually. Consult with your personnel office to see if they have a matching gift program. All matched gifts are credited to your individual gift record and count toward a level required for recognition in a donor giving level.

Estate and Gift Planning

Planned gifts can be arranged through a will, trusts, insurance, annuities, or the school's donor advised fund. Donors can avoid capital gains tax by the effective use of charitable gifts, while receiving a deduction for the fair market value of the contribution on the date the gift is made.

Real Estate 
Gifts of property are accepted, provided they comply with the real estate policy of the school.

A donor might consider a gift-in-kind, e.g., artwork, books, furnishings, or equipment, provided they comply with the policy of Evangel.


Gifts of stocks and bonds can offer special charitable opportunities for donors.  However, prospective donors should consult with professional advisors and Evangel staff before making such gifts.