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Evangel Summer Reading Program 2017

Elementary School Reference Below:

Elementary Summer Reading Packets:


Middle & High School Reference Below:


In our constant effort to improve education and reading scores at Evangel, we will continue our summer reading program.  It is vital that you know that we select books based on research of other top schools, college reading requirements, and classic books or authors who are often referenced in secondary schools or society.

We strongly suggest that BEFORE the student begins to read that he or she look over the reading guides at, which include plot summaries of the novels as well as the questions to be answered.   Special Note:  We do not endorse the movie versions of these books.  Please have your child READ the book. 


7th Grade

8th Grade

9th Grade

10th Grade

11th Grade

12th Grade Regular

12th Grade Dual Enrollment


Senior Articles:

1.  When scientific advances can both help and hurt humanity.

2.  Are We Amusing Ourselves to Death.

3.  Searching for the Perfect Athlete

4.  “You are Not Special” Graduation Speech by English teacher


Summer Reading Policies:

English honors summer reading policy:   It is a privilege to be in an honors class.  These classes are preferably smaller in number and contain students who really wish to learn, who push themselves to become stronger, and who want to be challenged.  Ideally these classes would utilize class discussions more than a general class.  Honors classes would have more “at home” reading assignments and higher standards for writing and research. 

In an effort to take our honors classes to a stronger level, we implemented a 3rd summer reading book for prospective honors students.  The additional book will be on the summer reading list.  This book will also have questions to be answered and a possible quiz on the first half day of school.  If a student does not do the additional reading or any of the required reading, he/she will immediately be moved to a regular class for the remainder of the school year.

Policy for late enrollees:  All new students who were not officially enrolled at Evangel Christian Academy during the previous school year and who enroll after August 1st will still be required to read the classic novel on the appropriate summer reading list.  These students will take a test over the novel during the 3rd week of school.  Individual teachers will administer the test and choose the exact test date.  The students will not complete the reading guides for credit.  The other novel(s) will be excused.  This includes foreign exchange students who are new to Evangel.

Foreign Exchange students:  Returning foreign exchange students from Evangel are required to do the summer reading assignments.