College Checklist for Sophomores

College Checklist:




Grades earned this year will determine your child's placement in important junior and senior year classes. Staying on top of your son's progress will pave the way for his future.


_____ Check out the Evangel Christian Academy web site at The site contains information on college planning for every year of high school.

_____ Which standardized test will your child take this fall? Sophomores in honors English or mathematics will take the PSAT (Preliminary Scholastic Aptitude Test). Sophomores in academic or basic classes will sit for another standardized test. Read the material given to your student about his standardized test and encourage him to take the test seriously.


______ Mark your calendar for Standardized Test Day.

______ Are first semester classes going well? Extracurriculars?


_____ Questions about your son's standardized test? Contact the guidance counselor. If necessary, discuss strategies for improving weak areas.


_____ Evaluate your child's academic progress. Are grades up to par? Do study habits need improvement?

_____ Review your son's course selection sheet for junior year. Urge your child to select (or continue) the most challenging classes possible and choose at least one community service activity.

_____ Is your child enjoying extracurricular activities? If not, what changes need to be made? Continue to keep a list of his activities, achievements, and accomplishments. Many colleges will ask your son to submit a resume with his application.

_____ Begin thinking about summer plans (camp, job, travel, volunteer work).


_____ Consider whether your child should be taking SAT II tests in May or June. (Many highly selective universities require that students have these tests before applying for admission. Check with each university to see what they require.)

______ If appropriate, register for SAT II tests in May.


______ If appropriate, register for SAT II tests in June.

May / June

______ Mark your calendar with SAT II tests, as needed.

______ Finalize summer plans.


Make sure your son has a job or constructive activities throughout the summer. Summer study, jobs, and volunteer work always rate high with admissions officials.

______ Encourage your child to start investigating universities by visiting some of their web sites. Virtually all universities and colleges have web sites where information about admission requirements and applications can be gathered.

_____ If your son has a career goal in mind, help him find a person he can "shadow" in that field.